Are Short Term Mobile Phone Contracts Viable?

by Android Tips on November 22, 2013

In a world of 24 month mobile phone contracts where people are paying through the nose and being restricted in terms of getting the phones they really want, there’s a lot to be said for finding a short term solution, but are there any out there that can really rival the now almost industry standard long term, high cost contracts?

24 Month Mobile Phone Contracts

It is almost an accepted form of payment these days. As a rule, most people fund their expensive mobile phones by entering into a contract with one of the large mobile phone networks, who generally offer up state of the art up to the minute mobile phones such as the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S4 with no or very little upfront cost, on the basis that the user pays on a monthly basis for both the cost of the handset as well as the minutes, texts and mobile data that they use. This does seem like a good idea on the face of it, but it is not a system without flaws.

Long Term Contract Flaws

Firstly, long term contracts can be very expensive. You can expect to pay between £30 and £40 per month for some contracts which offer good new phones with adequate call and data plans. It might seem like a cheap fix when entered into, but once you are paying such a large amount every month, the costs soon start to add up. Simply multiply £35 by 24 and you get the stark reality of what is likely to be the least you will end up paying for the mobile phone. You can also add to that figure any extra expenditure over that period of time for calls outside of your plan, extra data used on those months where your mobile browsing exceeds your set limit, and you end up paying through the nose for any extra time online. It’s fairly easy to spend in excess of £1000 by the time the two years is up, and that’s a lot of money!

New Phone Envy!

Secondly, you can also find that you are stuck. You might have opted for a phone that you thought you were going to be happy with, only to discover a few months into the contract that you’re not really happy with the handset. Nowadays, most high end mobile phones are pretty good at what they do, but that doesn’t mean that the one you go for will actually suit your needs. It’s quite likely that you will find that the resolution doesn’t quite match up with your requirements, and purchasers of the often lauded iPhone might actually feel that they wished they had opted for a larger phone with a bigger screen size.

When Will It End?

Finally, once you are in the loop of buying phones in this long term contract way, you will find that you can’t actually dictate when one contract ends and another begins. This means that you might find that your contract has run down, but the phone that you are holding out for is not actually available as yet. Not many people will want to opt for the wrong phone when they know that the phone they do want is going to come out in a few months time.

The question has to be whether or not there is a good alternative, but for many people at the moment, SIM only deals offer a great alternative.

SIM Only

If you’re in that situation where your contract has run down, but you want to wait for a few months before signing up to a new contract so that you can get your hands on a phone that is yet to be released, using your existing phone with a SIM only deal can be a great solution. You can find a nice affordable tariff which matches your usage requirements, and simply take up a 30 day contract option. These 30 day deals are fantastic, because you aren’t committed for too long. You can pick up one after another, until you know which phone you want to go for on contract.

30 Day SIM Deals

Of course, what happens to many people who start entering into 30 day SIM deals is that they discover that they not only have the flexibility that they want, but also that the costs aren’t too bad either! With the phone already bought, a big plan which gives you unlimited calls, texts and browsing shouldn’t cost you more than around £15 per month, which is likely to be less than half of what you might have been paying on your contract. Get used to this sort of service and you’ll be reluctant to enter back into a contract anyway! For many people, the better option is to buy the phone they want when it becomes available outright, and then find the right SIM only contract for them. This generally works out more cheaply, and you can continue to use your phone, safe in the knowledge that if you decide you don’t like the phone, you can easily sell it, or trade it, knowing that there’s no contract to break. It’s cheaper, more flexible and simply makes more sense!

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