How to Control a Missing Android Phone from a Remote Location

by Android Tips on October 22, 2012

For most people their smartphone is their lifeline since it contains everything you need to get through your day. Today’s smartphones are not only designed for daily tasking they are also equipped to handle your stored personal data and most recently, the entire contents of your wallet.

Although most people take precautions since they would rather not be without their smartphone, what happens in the event your Android phone does get lost or stolen? Are you doomed? Well, not exactly thanks to a new app for the Android known as Lookout.

Lookout offers a layer of security for your Android phone which allows you to control your phone from a remote location in the event it is lost or stolen. Lookout also provides protection against mobile threats, offers backup features, as well as security and privacy options to guard your personal information against unauthorized access.

How Lookout Works

In order to protect your Android phone with Lookout you must install the app and security software prior to the time when your phone went missing. Once the Lookout app is installed then you can proceed to backup all of your contacts and personal information, secure the handset, and access your phone to completely wipe the contents in the event it is lost or stolen.

Lookout not only protects your phone from mobile security threats by scanning for malware it also adds an extra layer of protection which acts as a phone locker with an easy to use interface. You can also use Lookout to scan apps prior to and after downloading to ensure they are not laced with malware.

  • Security and Privacy: In terms of security and privacy, Lookout helps to prevent identity theft and unauthorized access to your financial data by alerting you when you are connected to a WiFi network that is not secured and warns you ahead of time before you inadvertently download a malicious app. This often can occur if you use the Google Play store or other resource where hackers with malicious intent will insert malware files into apps which are downloaded by unsuspecting mobile users. Lookout will also warn you in advance which apps are able to detect your location and personal data before you decide to download.
  • Restore Data: To prevent data loss you can use Lookout to backup the data you store on your phone to ensure you always have an extra copy to access if you accidentally delete the information or your phone is lost or stolen. To retrieve the data all you have to do is log into the Lookout interface online to obtain a copy of the data and restore it to your Android smartphone. In the event your phone is lost or stolen you can also use the interface to copy the data to your new device.
  • Control Your Android: One of the most valuable features in Lookout is the ability to control your phone when it is lost or stolen. Although you may be required to replace the device itself, you never have to worry about replacing the contents or having the contents viewed by an unauthorized individual. First, Lookout provides an alarm feature which you can activate to locate your phone in the event it happens to be within range. If it turns out your phone is lost or stolen you can lock it using the Lookout interface and then wipe the data from the phone from the same interface.
  • Android Management: The user-friendly interface on the Lookout website allows you to easily manage your phone contents, receive protection updates, and secure more than one mobile device across both Android and Apple iOS platforms.

How to Install the Lookout App

You do not have to be tech savvy to install and use the Lookout app. You simply access the app from the Lookout website, click on the download icon to install the app on your smartphone, and then activate the automatic updates. The updates will ensure continual scanning of your Android phone in the event you forget to perform a scan for mobile security threats.

Once you have installed Lookout you simply selected Get Started and Lookout will walk you through the remainder of the configuration process. When you complete the process you will be prompted to create a user account which requires an email address and password. This information is used to log into the Lookout interface to control your Android phone from a remote location.

Where to Obtain Lookout

You can download and install Lookout from the Lookout website at There is both a free version and the Lookout Premium version which offers additional options such as a feature which prevents authors of malware from disabling the scanner which monitors for security threats. The Lookout website also provides a host of information and resources for protecting your smartphone against mobile threats and other security breaches.

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