Are Short Term Mobile Phone Contracts Viable?

by Android Tips on November 22, 2013

In a world of 24 month mobile phone contracts where people are paying through the nose and being restricted in terms of getting the phones they really want, there’s a lot to be said for finding a short term solution, but are there any out there that can really rival the now almost industry standard long term, high cost contracts?

24 Month Mobile Phone Contracts

It is almost an accepted form of payment these days. As a rule, most people fund their expensive mobile phones by entering into a contract with one of the large mobile phone networks, who generally offer up state of the art up to the minute mobile phones such as the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S4 with no or very little upfront cost, on the basis that the user pays on a monthly basis for both the cost of the handset as well as the minutes, texts and mobile data that they use. This does seem like a good idea on the face of it, but it is not a system without flaws. [click to continue…]


What to Look for in a Reputable Mobile Security App

by Android Tips on November 17, 2013


By now practically everybody who uses a computer is familiar with the terms virus, Trojan horse, spyware, worm, malware and all the other junk that can be introduced into a computer from the outside, erase the hard drive and steal the owner’s identity and personal information. What people are only now starting to realize (and too many have found out the hard way, we must add) is that mobile phones, as items that have Internet access, are just as vulnerable to these problems. They can be the objects of additional online crime, such as making calls for which the owner then has to pay the bill.

Given what has just been mentioned, it is only to be expected that computer security companies, including Avast, Norton and McAfee, should be expanding their range of services into the frontiers of mobile security. Nor do you need to pay dozens of dollars for a package from one of these companies because there are also innumerable mobile security apps that you can download for free. Finding the right security app for your cell can, however, be a difficult one. Here are some guidelines for choosing a reputable mobile security app.

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Remember that Song? Review of Shazam for Android and iPhone

November 8, 2013

The days of recording songs off the radio with cassette tapes to later write down the words and cross-reference them with a lyrics dictionary to figure out what song was playing are long over. Shazam, now thriving in version 4.0.2 as of this September, is the London-based music recognition app that virtually “listens” to a […]

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Making the Switch: How to Smoothly Transition from iPhone to HTC One

November 7, 2013

It may have been the dual front-facing speakers that lured you in…or the fancy BlinkFeed HTC running notification interface, or perhaps the priceline, which is considerably lower for the HTC than the more expensive iPhone, contract or not. Whatever comparative specs changed your mind, those of you who are making the switch from an iPhone […]

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Fresh Starts: Don’t Let Bad Credit Ruin Your Mobile Phone Dreams

November 1, 2013

If you’ve ever had the experience of being denied a 12 or 24-month contract by a mobile phone provider because of your credit, read on. With new credit forgiveness schemes, company compromises and alternative ways of proving your worth other than via your credit score, there is hope for you yet. A dip in your […]

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Three Necessary Android Applications For Runners

October 31, 2013

One of the best and easiest forms of cardiovascular exercise, running has long been both an enjoyable activity and a necessity. In the past, hunters, gatherers and foragers had to be able to run in order to beat others to a great location from which to hunt, fish or gather. There was also the need […]

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As Small As It Gets: The HTC One Mini

October 28, 2013

There is nothing but unabashed praise to be had for the likes of the HTC One. With its dual frontal stereo speakers and Boom Sound action, it is the best sounding phone on the market. This feature is only escalated by the round-out of specs the One boasts, including voice-sensitive call clarity, BlinkFeed notifications hub, […]

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The Best Dating Apps, No Matter Who You’re Looking For

October 28, 2013

Dating websites became extremely popular once people realized that they could use the Internet to find their true love. And many people have, indeed, found their soul mates online, so why shouldn’t you if you have been struggling to meet the man or woman of your dreams? Whether you are looking for someone who loves […]

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The Rise of Online Sales via Mobile Devices

October 23, 2013

Image taken by Ryan Tir on Flickr The mobile revolution is upon us. Worldwide, there are nearly 1.4bn smartphone users and tablet users, are expected to number north of 182m by the end of 2013. These are astounding figures, made even more incredible by the fact that half a decade ago, the modern smartphone category […]

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How Do You Use Your Mobile Phone?

October 10, 2013

It used to be that a mobile phone was a way of keeping in touch with your nearest and dearest while you were away from home.  It did away with the need for searching for a payphone on the High Street when you had missed the last bus home. From the first mobile calls, came […]

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